Apr 09 2019

Advanced Solutions Deliver the Modern Meeting Experience

In years past, many organizations were reluctant to fully adopt video collaboration solutions. Users elected instead to make voice calls or connect via other means. At the CDW Future of Work SummIT in Atlanta, we spoke to IT leaders in a variety of industries about how improvements in these tools are driving an increase in adoption. To see more articles and videos from the Future of Work SummIT, visit BizTechMag.com/FOWSummIT2019.

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    Walker Van Arsdale, Manager of Research and Insights Operations, CDW

    Sonja Checkwood, Senior Manager of IT, Holder Construction

    Tom Beaver, Executive Director of Technology, Grady Health System

    Derek Whisenhunt, Head of End-User Computing, Southwest Airlines



Video Highlights

  • Collaboration vendors are stepping up with solutions that simplify setup and deliver high-quality audio and video seamlessly to participants.
  • New video collaboration solutions deliver greater flexibility and help users feel more connected to their colleagues. 
  • These tools decrease the amount of travel required to hold meetings and increase productivity.