Feb 27 2018

Addressing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

There's a shortage of high-quality IT talent in general, but organizations are quite hard pressed with finding the right skilled IT security specialists in particular. We spoke with several IT leaders to get their thoughts on how to best overcome the IT security skills gap based on their experiences. Visit our CDW Managing Risk SummIT landing page to view more articles and videos from the event.

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    • Trevor Clark, Shared Services Center Manager, STIHL
    • Lynn Mackie, Security Solutions Architect, CDW
    • Diane Brown, Director, IT Risk Management, Ulta Beauty

Video Highlights

  • Before filling any gaps, do a thorough gap assessment to understand where the true skills gaps lie.
  • Hiring and promoting from within can be successfully as teaching the technology aspect can be easier than the organizational or cultural aspect.
  • Tapping security talent from sister or parent companies is a good way to source key hires.