Nov 09 2022

4 Key Insights from the CDW Executive SummIT

Technology innovations that once seemed like science fiction have become part of our everyday lives. The companies that took advantage of these new tools often found ways to disrupt their markets and give themselves a business advantage. At the recent CDW Executive SummIT in Chicago, leaders from across the IT industry discussed how organizations are Making Future IT a Reality. Take a look at some of the highlights and insights from the event.

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    • Darren Mowry, Managing Director, North America, Google Cloud
    • Sanjay Sood, Senior Vice President and CTO, CDW
    • Jon Lehtinen, Director, Okta on Okta
    • Alex Pope, Vice President, Global Edge Systems, Vertiv
    • Ricky Ribeiro, Editorial Director, BizTech 

Video Highlights

  • Threat intelligence and artificial intelligence helped Google fend off the largest distributed denial of service attack in history.
  • Business leaders must understand that transformation is a journey, not a destination.
  • Effective identify-based security can help organizations protect both users and devices from cyberattacks.