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March 2006

IT pay bonuses are on the rise. ? Reader recommendation: Instead of using FTP, give WebDAV a try. ? More and more companies are asking their workers to BYO IT. ? Rural small businesses use broadband less than their urban counterparts.


Direct marketer Exmplar leveraged technology and in-house expertise to rebuild its business. After the dot-com bust, the company relied on its homegrown personalization software and a scalable IT infrastructure to resurrect itself.

Small companies with strong leadership and varied opportunities for IT staff offset a nationwide trend that sees the systems team continuously changing its lineup. Learn their tips for creating IT crews with staying power.

Is IT stuck in a rut at your business? Then try out these proven ways to ensure alignment and shore up IT's role in business planning.

Anyone who has been in information-technology support for any period of time quickly learns that some customers are easier to satisfy than others. And anyone who wishes to remain in IT support must adapt to all types of users and learn to resolve conflict in a way that benefits the user, yet stays true to the directives of the organization.



The .NET Framework, the Microsoft platform for building Web services, has a great deal of security built in. Applications written using it are inherently more secure than those written for Win32, the standalone Windows programming environment.