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August 2005


In the midst of rapid technology development and globalization, small companies are forging more alliances. The secrets to success: communication and chemistry.

Is that pile of PCs and other IT equipment starting to spill out of the storeroom and into your office space? Here are tips on how to unload it while helping others and the environment.


Being conscientious about backing up data can have many rewards. One Manhattan-based small business negotiated a reduction in insurance premiums, arguing that its backup system lowered its risk.

Dashboard Small businesses are advised to watch their workers' e-mail and Internet use? Employees of small companies are happier than their counterparts at large corporations? Few firms encrypt data backups? Natural disasters strike nearly one-third of small companies.

North Wind founder tells how company went from operating out of a low-tech kitchen to a new high-tech headquarters that helps it handle multi-million-dollar contracts.


Training is the poor stepchild in many organizations. Even the largest companies often resist spending money on it, and employees in turn often do almost anything to dodge it. But sooner or later, every business comes up against some training need, whether it's prepping its own staff for application upgrades or teaching customers and partners how to use technology.

But how can you train people quickly and effectively without breaking the bank?