Jun 21 2024
Digital Workspace

How Businesses Deploy a Range of Tech to Modernize Work

Beyond collaboration tech, workers need reliable endpoints, fast networks and modern applications running on the right platforms.

We’ve all understood for a while now that work is no longer necessarily tethered to times of day or physical locations. Organizations have increasingly sought to adapt their technology to their teams’ work styles rather than the other way around.

How that’s evolving today, in a world of modernizing networks, hybrid environments and artificial intelligence, is fascinating.

When you think of modern work, your mind might turn to collaboration technology. And the right platform is indeed a vital component of an effective work experience. But it is by no means the only one. Advanced networks, reliable endpoint devices and modernized applications running on the right cloud platforms are all critical factors in whether your team’s workday is pleasant and productive or not.

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Workplace Tech Must Be Reliable

Take the international law firm Fisher Phillips, for example. Its attorneys, working from more than 40 locations in the U.S. and Mexico, “need to know that everything’s going to work, that the network is going to be stable and secure,” CIO Michael Steele tells us. So, the firm ditched its old network, which operated on obsolete multiprotocol label-switching circuits, for a new software-defined WAN. “Now we have trusted services in every office,” he says.

The financial services industry is likewise doing more to modernize the work experience. Broadridge Financial Solutions deploys a combination of Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and Webex Room Kit hardware to ensure a flawless collaboration experience. Jackson National Life Insurance has moved aggressively onto multiple cloud platforms, enabling independent agents to get all of the information they need to price and sell policies to customers online, and digitizing virtually all of its operations.

Your employees work hard to help your business succeed. They expect technology that supports their efforts, and they deserve nothing less.

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