Oct 05 2020

Building Resilience During Times of Crisis: What to Expect from CDW’s Tech Talk

These are challenging times for IT teams, especially when it comes to securing networks and managing risk. These virtual seminars offer guidance.

In this year like no other, businesses around the world have come to look differently at the nature of risk.

The pandemic has required organizations to think in new ways about cybersecurity, for example. Those operating within a traditional perimeter-based security model have been vexed by remote work environments, where the perimeter has been replaced by every employee’s home.

The VPNs that enable employees to securely access corporate networks have been stretched to their limits, creating some painful work-from-home arrangements. And those employees working remotely have been subject to a range of new security risks, from additional phishing attempts to unsecured home Wi-Fi.

If anything has become clear over the past few months, it is that every organization is subject to unforeseen forces that threaten to derail hard work and the best of intentions. The businesses that have fared the best this year are those that were prepared for anything.

What can be learned from these organizations and their leaders? How have recent events influenced the cybersecurity strategies of more resilient organizations, as well as those less prepared? How are organizations adapting and fortifying IT and network infrastructure to absorb the shocks presented by the types of disruptions the world has seen this year? How are businesses closing security gaps arising from the new workforce dynamic?

These questions and more will be discussed in CDW’s latest Tech Talk, “Maximizing IT Resilience with Adaptive Security and Infrastructure,” where virtual attendees will hear from industry leaders and experts as they dive deep into modern cybersecurity and risk management issues Oct. 12-14.

Digital Transformation in the Midst of Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated many digital transformation projects, especially for larger and midsized businesses. M.K. Palmore, vice president and field chief security officer, Americas, for Palo Alto Networks, will explore the transformation demand and how IT and security leaders can continue to securely implement their future roadmaps even in the midst of crisis.

At the same time, businesses must be ready to adapt to change. How can organizations build agile networks that are also secure? Keith Fuentes, vice president of customer success for Samsung, will answer that question in a session that describes the “remote right” philosophy and how businesses can select partners and solutions that incorporate security with increased productivity.

When it comes to cybersecurity, it can seem that businesses are always a step behind threat actors, solving yesterday’s problem while the bad guys have moved on to the next tactic. Ben Hammersley, author, futurist and host of the television series Cybercrimes with Ben Hammersley, argues that “weaponized confusion” is the real enemy. In his session, “Cognitive Risk and the Nature of Threat,” he will make the case that the solution is accurate data and clear analysis to empower leadership to make the right decisions — and he’ll explain how organizations can guard against efforts to undermine those assets.

Speakers will also delve into how businesses can better use the security tools they already have to secure the workplace, workforce and workloads and how organizations can build resiliency into their people, process and technologies.

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