Sep 08 2014

Mobile Security Can't Afford to Stay in the Caveman Era. It Must Evolve [#Infographic]

In the face of advanced persistent threats and new mobile malware, organizations must prepare to adapt with the times.

Although the cell phone was invented over 40 years ago, the smartphone has supercharged the mobile phone of yesteryear and turned it into a completely different product.

The cell phones of the '70s, '80s and '90s didn't have to contend with the app overload or hacking threats that modern mobile masters have to fend off. But in many organizations, the resources and solutions put toward protecting mobile devices and data haven't kept up with the other advances in the technology.

An infographic from CDW highlights the need to transition mobile security from the Stone Age to the modern times. One of the facts the infographic highlights is that people are 15 times more likely to loss a smartphone than a notebook computer. So what is your organization's plan to handle that loss and prevent the data in that mobile device from getting into the wrong hands?

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