Aug 06 2014

The (Near) Future of Enterprise Mobility

Organizations would be smart to plan for the next evolution in mobile technology.

Technology is moving at a rapid place, and mobility is perhaps moving faster than any other sector. By having the right technologies in place and the right mindset, organizations will be well positioned for what’s ahead. Advances are likely to include some combination of the following:

More Management Choices

A growing cadre of professionals are considering a cousin to BYOD: corporately owned, personally enabled (COPE) devices. This approach manages personal data differently than BYOD. With BYOD, workers own their devices, but with COPE, organizations provide the devices to workers and allow them to be used as their personal devices, with their own data and apps.

Some believe that the COPE model gives enterprises more control, because they can choose the carrier, the devices and the apps to be preinstalled. Organizations can subject the devices to scheduled or unscheduled malware checks and send warnings about specific apps. COPE is expected to gain many converts in the coming years.

Augmented Reality

It may seem like science fiction, but augmented reality, in which a view of the real world is supplemented by input generated by a computer, can be a very useful tool. The technology combines digital and virtual information, including video, audio, 3D content and computer-generated images in real time. With 2D and 3D augmented reality-enabled apps, organizations can improve the user experience in a wide variety of sectors, from virtualized product experiences for customers to navigation and location-based advertising.

Wearable Computers

Wearable computers are already here, and the market is set to grow by more than 40 percent through 2018, according to Transparency Market Research. Many enterprises have use for these hands-free devices, which offer greater facilitation of information and collaboration, and more detailed guidance for intricate manual tasks in areas such as field service. Use cases include better navigation of physical environments and support for military and intelligence operations.

Want to learn more? Check out CDW’s white paper, “Microsoft Mobile Empowerment.”

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