Aug 22 2013

What Makes Your IT Life Easier? [#Infographic]

IT professionals weigh in on the resources, tools and unique personality traits they rely on to get through their workaday lives.

As a kid, you might have relied on a fluffy blanket, a lucky pair of underwear or a mystical rabbit’s foot to get you through those tough moments in life, like when Billy the Bully and his gang gave you a hard time about your unfashionable sneakers or your awkward braces.

But in adulthood, such heartwarming comforts are hard to come by, and the stress of professional life is often far more overwhelming than any childhood anxiety.

In honor of SysAdmin Day, CDW asked the members of Spiceworks, an IT professional community, to share with the world the things or qualities that make their IT lives easier.

We rounded up a few of the more intriguing answers into an infographic below.

Share in the Comments the things that make your IT life easier too.

What makes your IT Life Easier