Jul 02 2013

How Tech Has Changed Business in the Last 30 Years [#Infographic]

From floppy disks to tablet computers, Intuit takes a look back at how far business technology has come.

In 1983, the same year Tom Cruise and his white socks danced their risky way into America’s heart, Intuit Inc. began.

In celebration of its 30th birthday, Intuit created an infographic visualizing its growth, along with the overall industry's, to date. Founded by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx, the company has been on the front lines of innovation in business from day one.

Part of Intuit’s future involves handling the ebb and flow of business technology. According to the Intuit corporate profile:

Generations age. Borders blur. Technology advances. As the way we live and work evolves, we adapt our strategy to meet and lead these changes. No matter where you find us — and whether you use our products on your PC or mobile phone — we remain committed to creating new and easier ways for consumers and businesses to tackle life's financial chores, giving them more time to live their lives and run their businesses.

Intuit’s success comes in large part from its dedication to customer service. Zappos, another company with a fierce dedication to great customer service, provides another good example of how this strategy can pay off.

But Intuit’s products and tools for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are worth crowing about too.

In a BizTech article last year, Walt Rivenbark, AT&T vice president of mobile apps for SMB markets, touted the streamlining abilities of Intuit products.

One of the things that our small business customers like about the Intuit solution is that it automatically feeds into their QuickBooks, so you can just go at the end of the day and see what you sold, how many receipts you got, and you can manage your profit and loss with your QuickBooks on a daily basis.

Intuit has successfully established itself as an industry mainstay by embracing the latest trends while at the same time maintaining what’s important to SMBs. Here’s to another 30 years.

Check out the full infographic below.

Intuit 30 years in business