Jun 19 2013

BizTech's 2013 Must-Read IT Blogs Nominees

The suggestion box for this year's list of great blogs in business and IT is now open.

We've gone through two iterations of our BizTech Must-Read IT Blogs list and we've been thrilled with the response and reception we've gotten each time.

One of the things we tried last year that worked really well was to expand the nominations of the Must-Read IT Blogs list to include our readers in the process. Ahead of the 2013 edition of annual list of great blogs in business and IT, we're once again opening the suggestion box to our readers.

Nominations for the 2013 Must-Read IT Blogs will run from June 19 through Aug. 19. The final list of 50 Must-Read IT Blogs will be published online in September.

To gather the nominations for the list, we're using list.ly, a social media tool for submitting and curating lists. In order to add a blog to the list, you must authenticate with either a Twitter or Facebook login. This will let us know that you're a real person and help cut down on spamming. And if you see a blog that you like on the list, feel free to vote them up.

While the votes will serve as indication of reader support and interest, the final decision on whether a blog makes the final cut isn't based solely on how many votes a nominee receives. Also, please submit sites that are actual blogs and not communities or forums.

Go ahead and start submitting your favorite blogs right away! Click the "Add to List" button below to get started.


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