Feb 04 2013

Your Online Presence Can Help You Get a Job [#Infographic]

Create a social resume to add a competitive edge to your job application.

Unless you’re an NBA draft pick, the odds of not needing a resume are slim. As if writing a resume weren’t intimidating enough, there’s now a digital twist to today’s job market as more recruiters prize the “social resume.”

A social resume refers to your online presence, including your use of social networks, websites, and online portfolios. In the infographic below, Online Colleges dissects elements of the social resume.

In 2012, 92 percent of employers reported using social media for recruiting. There were plenty of social resumes for recruiters to look through, because 88 percent of job seekers created at least one new social networking profile last year.

At 93 percent, LinkedIn reigned supreme as the top social networking site recruiters used to find job candidates in 2012. But there was a disparity between recruiters and job seekers, with only 38 percent of job seekers saying they used LinkedIn in their job searches.

Check out the full infographic below for tips on creating a favorable social presence.

Social resume


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