Jan 28 2013

What UC Can Do for Your Business

The benefits of a connected, collaborative workforce can't be underestimated.

In a digital, connected world, unified communications is one of the most mission-critical aspects of the modern enterprise. People rely on the constant flow of information to get their jobs done. And they feel the pain when they're forced to do without it. Just think of the panic that typically ensues when email systems go down.

With the rise in companies adopting telework and more workers doing business on the go, online communications, whether it's through voice, data or video, are the fuel that keeps the productivity engine running.

Here are five of the most important benefits of UC, according to Telephony World.

1. Collaboration

Coworkers, colleagues, constituents and clients can come together and collaborate using advanced data sharing and communication devices.

2. Communication

UC enhances organizational communication by bringing all devices and modalities under one roof.

3. Access

Because UC operates across all devices, users enjoy unprecedented remote access to the network.

4. Process Integration

Integration between data and communication apps promotes continuity across operational processes.

5. Presence

It allows staff to view the availability of other users and their communication preferences.

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