Jan 15 2013

How Big Is Your Digital Footprint? [#Infographic]

Learn how digital habits vary by generation.

Who do you think watches the most television: the millennial next door or your grandmother?

If you think your neighbor is the most likely suspect, then you’re mistaken. Your grandmother is the one racking up the cable bill.

That isn’t to say that millennials don’t watch TV. They just prefer to watch on their mobile devices.

In a new infographic, Wikibon explains the different characteristics of the digital footprints left by boomers, millennials and Generation X.

The term digital footprint refers to the total amount of digital activity. If you thought your carbon footprint was big, just wait until you get a load of this: By 2014, humans will generate 5 billion gigabytes of data every 10 minutes.

Each generation interacts with the digital universe in unique ways. For example, boomers watch more traditional television per month and millennials are the ones most connected to the Internet. However, Generation X has the largest digital footprint: Not only do they consume the most online video, but they also spend the most time online.

In order to reach consumers in the digital age, it is not enough for businesses to understand what technologies are being used — they also have to learn how those technologies are being used by each generation.

To learn more about the digital footprints of boomers, millennials and Generation X, check out the full infographic, below.

Digital Footprints