Jun 05 2012

The Impact of Siri on Users’ Smartphone Expectations [Infographic]

Apple’s iPhone 4S voice-recognition assistant has raised the bar and set the standard for voice-powered smartphone features.

When it comes to innovation in technology, it’s not always about who did it first, but rather who did it best. By several measures, Apple’s Siri was not the first voice-recognition technology to hit mobile devices. But thanks to Apple’s signature cocktail of marketing, prowess and polish, Siri is the one that has captured the public’s attention and become the benchmark.

When evaluating other devices on the market, Siri is one of the features with which smartphone users measure the robustness of a device’s feature set.

OnlineDegrees.com pulled together data on the evolution and impact of Siri on the smartphone market in an infographic. Some of the highlights from the research include:

  • 87 percent of iPhone 4S users say they use Siri at least once a month.
  • 26 percent of iPhone 4S users use Siri for e-mail every day.
  • 51 percent of smartphone users say it would be “extremely important” for their next phone to offer a service like Siri.
  • 1/3 of users strictly use Siri for ,making phone calls, searching the web and sending text messages and nothing more.

Check out the full infographic from Online University, via Daily Infographic, below.

Siri infographic