Jun 18 2012

How Technology Is Making the Connected Car a Reality [Infographic]

Mobile technology and cloud computing is transforming the automobile into a powerful tool for the future.

Technology isn't afraid to revolutionize any person, place or thing. And the car is certainly no exception.

If you thought we'd tapped out on what we can achieve with the modern automobile (except for the fact that they still aren't flying...), think again. While Google is working on the amazing self-driving car, car companies are working to bring technologies we use in mobile devices to the automobile.

Symphony Teleca, a software/cloud service company dedicated to building innovation through technology, compiled data on the future of car technology as it integrates with mobile broadband, cloud computing and vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

Here a few highlights from the infographic:

  • Some predict that vehicle-to-vehicle communication will be a requirement in all cars in the next 5-10 years.
  • 15 percent of American households will have a vehicle with connected communications in 2012.
  • Navigation could become more automated to assist the driver.

Check out the full infographic from Symphony Teleca via Mashable below.

The future technology of the car