Feb 02 2012

Amazon's Kindle Fire: Pocket-sized Tablet Works Wonders

The device distinguishes itself in affordability and ease of use.

Tablet computing has a heavyweight on its hands with the Amazon Kindle Fire. Launched late last year, the 7-inch tablet packs impressive functionality in its pocket-sized frame.

The Fire boasts an operating system based on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS. But Amazon has completely customized Google's mobile OS for its tablet. This means that Amazon has the flexibility to create its own unique user experience while leveraging the power of Google's open-source mobile OS.

Josh Coleman reviews the Amazon Kindle Fire in the first installment of our new Get Bizy web series. As he points out in the video, sending and receiving e-mail is a breeze, and the Kindle Fire can access virtual desktops through VMware View.

Given how plugged in the Kindle Fire is to the Amazon store, it might be easy to get sucked into all of the great content waiting to be consumed. For Amazon Prime users, it's even more tempting: Prime users can view unlimited, commericial-free movies and TV shows on demand for free through the device. So, as with other portable devices, the IT team will need to set use policies to ensure the tool drives up productivity.

For more on the Amazon Kindle fire, check out our Get Bizy video.