Dec 30 2011

Big Data Presents Job Opportunities

The future looks bright for many IT workers with big data poised to keep growing.

What huffs, puffs and blows harder than the big bad wolf from the Three Little Pigs? Big data.

IT workers and analysts, like Chuck Hollis of EMC, have been buzzing about the big data trend that IT faces. Steve King of Small Business Labs similarly believes that the big data wave is coming and after partnering with research firm Intuit, he knows that there will be plenty of job opportunities in managing and analyzing all of this big data being produced.

In a post for the Small Business Labs, King likens the opportunity to the scene in The Graduate when Dustin Hoffman’s character Benjamin Braddock, looking for career advice, is advised to get into the then-nascent plastics industry. Data, King writes, is the new plastics.

Last week we held a workshop on data and analytics with our research partners at Intuit. We had a mix of experts on data and analytics from both large and small organizations.

There was a very clear consensus that there is a shortage of people with data and analytical skills - and this shortage is going to get worse and last a long time.

So my advice to those in school? Data ... enough said.

Read more about The Graduate and the future of data analytics in King’s post on Small Business Labs.

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