Dec 22 2011

Amazon's Kindle Fire Fits in with Other Mobile Tech — Quick Take

The Amazon tablet can be a complement to your existing mobile device family.

While much of the tech press has reviewed the Amazon Kindle Fire as an iPad competitor or alternative, it’s possible to have the Kindle Fire join the IT family tree without ejecting any of its tech siblings.

Steve King, a blogger for Small Business Labs, recently purchased the Kindle Fire and has found that he still lugs his iPhone and MacBook Air around. In fact, he also owns an iPad, which he hasn’t yet gotten rid of in favor of the Kindle Fire either.

King breaks down his iPhone/Macbook Air/Kindle Fire family dynamics further:

The MacBook Air lets me do real work while traveling. It supports almost all the applications I use, has an excellent keyboard, yet is small and light enough to easily carry.

I use my iPhone for text messaging, quick and simple Internet access and a range of location-based applications. The screen size and keyboard make it impractical for me to do real work on it.

I'm finding that the Fire fills a niche in-between. It's a much better mobile computing experience than the iPhone, but small enough to use on the move and in airplanes. I also use it in meetings instead of pulling out my notebook.

Have you found that the Kindle Fire complements, rather than replaces other mobile technologies in your life?

Read more about King’s take on the Amazon Kindle Fire on the Small Business Labs blog.

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