Jul 05 2019

Why Cloud Migration Is Critical to a Successful Digital Transformation

No digital transformation can be completed without successful migration to a cloud environment, says Microsoft Azure’s Senior Director of U.S. Intelligent Cloud Team Erwin Visser. Visser joined BizTech at the Core-to-Cloud summit to explain the value of cloud for today’s businesses. 

Cloud computing not only increases agility and speed, but it does so by streamlining processes and increasing opportunity at a low cost. However, to reap the full advantages of cloud migration, Visser recommends companies examine their use case and ensure they’ve established a solid cultural and technological infrastructure to support the software.


    Erwin Visser, Senior Director of U.S. Intelligent Cloud Team, Microsoft Azure 

Video Highlights

  • Cloud migration has become critical to any company looking to make a successful digital transformation. 
  • At a low cost, cloud environments offer companies improved agility and speed, as well new opportunities to innovate and collaborate. 
  • Successful cloud migration relies upon a company's ability to outfit itself with a solid infrastructure, as well as to create a company culture skilled in this new technology.