Feb 27 2020

RSA 2020: How to Effectively Adopt AI for Cybersecurity

One of the hottest trends in cybersecurity right now is the use of artificial intelligence to enhance organizations' defenses. But what does it mean to adopt AI for cybersecurity? How should it actually be used? And how can organizations that are just starting out on this journey make effective investments in AI to solve actual business problems? We spoke to experts at RSA 2020 to get all of the answers to these questions and more. 

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    Oliver Friedrichs, VP, Security Products, Splunk

    Derek Manky, Global Security Strategist, Fortinet 

    Dan Conrad, Field Strategist, One Identity 

Video Highlights

  • Artificial intelligence is not a cybersecurity product; it is actually a technology that can supplement other IT security tools to make them more effective.
  • Machine learning tools can be used to help analysts look quickly through security logs, analyze risk capabilities, monitor network activity and take action in response to certain events.
  • Organizations should think about what problems they are aiming to solve before investing in AI tools to enhance cybersecurity.