Jun 17 2022

Key Takeaways from IT Leaders at Cisco Live 2022

At this year's Cisco Live, much of the enthusiasm stemmed from the simple fact that the event was taking place in person again. But leading experts shared some key points they gathered throughout the week, including a focus on security and hybrid work. 

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    Lorrissa Horton, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Webex Calling and Strategy, Cisco

    Dave Lewis, Global Advisory CISO, Cisco

    Omar Tawakol, General Manager of Product-Led Growth for Webex, Cisco

    TK Keanini, CTO, Cisco Secure

    Edward Green, Head of Commercial Technology, McLaren Racing


Video Highlights

  • The customer contact center has become increasingly automated with the use of virtual agents, bots and other forms of artificial intelligence.
  • The newly announced ability to manage Cisco Catalyst switches will be a huge timesaver for defenders.
  • New Webex tools are focused on enterprise creators and how to enable them to bring their creations to life simply and quickly while also keeping them secure.