Dec 11 2020

Full Session: How Technology Leadership Fuels the Chicago Bears’ Success

Organizations of all types increasingly rely on technology to enable their success. While the Chicago Bears franchise has many elements unique to its business, in some ways the team functions like many traditional organizations. In this CDW Tech Talk session, watch as Justin Stahl, vice president of IT for the Bears, shares his insights on the evolving role that technology plays in supporting his organization. Find our full coverage of the event here.


    Justin Stahl, Vice President of IT, Chicago Bears

    Bob Bragdon, Worldwide Managing Director, CSO

Video Highlights

  • Having a collaborative relationship between IT, business and football operations is key to success for the Chicago Bears.
  • Blending existing tools with emerging tech has helped keep facilities safe.
  • The Bears' IT team had to shift its focus to managing service providers during remote work.