Sep 24 2021

CDW Tech Talk Series: Preserving Outcomes by Protecting Infrastructure

The pandemic has altered so many aspects of the way we work, including the business outcomes companies want to achieve. In this CDW Tech Talk webcast, learn how to protect your organization's infrastructure in pursuit of those goals. 

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    Tom DeCoster, Vice President, Hybrid Infrastructure, CDW

    Stephen Manley, CTO, Druva

    John Gaede, Director of Information Services, Sky Lakes Medical Center

    Nick Fossen, Manager of Technology Systems, Sky Lakes Medical Center

    Keara Dowd, Editor, BizTech; Host, CDW Tech Talk Series

Video Highlights

  • Watch the full session.
  • Many organizations are revising their desired business outcomes to meet the changing needs of customers and employees.
  • Ransomware remains a persistent challenge and continues to evolve as threat actors find new ways to exploit vulnerabilities.