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As organizations begin to consider migrating to the cloud, they can start by tapping into the flexibility and scale that the cloud offers for their email and unified communications solutions.

"Email is critical to the business, but it's never really an advantage," says CDW Aggregation Services Specialist Drew Klos. "The people that were having to chase email in the beginning, now they can focus on other parts of the business that make more money for the business."

In a post on the CDW Experts Who Get It blog, Klos goes into even more detail about how the cloud can benefit businesses in other ways.

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The tech industry is buzzing about a special Microsoft Surface event that the company announced will be held on May 20 with the message: "Join us for a small gathering." With an emphasis on the small, The Verge speculates that the announcement will likely center on new smaller form factor for the software company's Surface tablet line.

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The race is on to conquer the hearts of wearable-loving consumers across the globe. Acer announced its first foray into the wearables market with its new Liquid Leap product today. The device is the latest in a long line of fitness trackers that promises to track activity and pair that data with an app on users' smartphones to provide insights and advice, reports The Next Web.

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While it's true that sports and data analytics are no strangers, the idea of scanning a human being and assessing his or her athletic prowess based on their muscle build is something that is beyond what most people had in mind when sports and technology came together.

But here we are, faced with an opportunity to scan our way to finding the best athletic talent in the world. SportTechie, a BizTech Must-Read IT Blog, reports on the Muscle Talent Scan Project from researchers in the Department of Movement and Sports Sciences at Ghent University. This new method "can quickly and painlessly identify an athlete’s genetic makeup to determine their body’s fast-twitch to slow-twitch muscle ratio."

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With the merger between Micrsoft and Nokia finalized, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop have teamed up to articulate a vision for Microsoft's mobile future.

"[T]hrough the mobile phone business we have an opportunity to introduce what we like to call the next billion people, the next billion people to connect to the Internet, to Microsoft, because they'll have an opportunity perhaps to have a first Skype experience, or a first experience with Bing, as an example. And so there are literally billions of people who can be exposed to Microsoft for the very first time,” Elop said in an article posted on Microsoft's official site.

Read the full story on Microsoft's site for more information.

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