Jul 30 2019

Overcoming the Technology Challenges of Startup Businesses

The early stages of a startup company can be incredibly exhilarating — and incredibly hectic. One moment, a product breakthrough or a successful round of funding makes it seem as though a company is well on its way to disrupting its industry and taking a leading position in the marketplace. The next, one crisis or another threatens to derail the entire enterprise before the company has even found its footing.

Amid all the excitement and chaos, technology can be either a valuable business enabler or one more obstacle to overcome. Key technology challenges include setting up an office and IT environment, onboarding users, supporting the core business via technology and managing cash flow. Additionally, startups must deliver devices and basic productivity tools to end users in a constantly changing environment. As new companies begin to scale their operations, it becomes even more pressing — and even more difficult — to maintain an effective security posture, deliver a consistent experience for users and customers, and maintain a competitive edge.

By working with a trusted, experienced ally, startups can avoid costly mistakes and build a technology environment that will support sustained growth.