Oct 12 2020

Insights Report: IT Investment Priorities and Realities

Businesses have many factors to consider when it comes to IT. Balancing emerging technologies such as automation with existing infrastructure can be challenging on its own, and trying to do so while considering security and productivity implications can be especially daunting.

That task grew more complicated with the recent health crisis, as IT departments had to quickly enable widespread remote workforces to remain productive from their homes. The shift has caused businesses to focus more on things like collaboration and end-user security, while introducing new solutions to maintain operations.

During these uncertain times, one thing has become increasingly clear: IT departments must work with business leaders to successfully move forward in the new normal.

This IDG survey, conducted in partnership with CDW, offers key findings to help technical and nontechnical leaders across industries plan for future spending. Insights include:

  • Why addressing the human side of cybersecurity is crucial to mitigating risk
  • How deployment and integration strategies for new tools impact workplace productivity
  • How IT’s role in helping achieve business goals will evolve
  • How embracing a data-driven culture can enhance the customer experience

Learn more by downloading the full report: “IT Investment Priorities and Realities.”

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